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The 2nd Concrete Admixture Industry Conference

FROM:ADMIXTURES DATE:2021-03-23 14:33:13 CLICK:110  

Recently, the 2nd Concrete Admixture Industry Development Conference was held. Experts and entrepreneurs in related fields from all over the country gathered to conduct in-depth discussions on the development of the admixture industry and strengthening cooperation and exchanges.

During the event, ADMIXTURES held a roundtable summit on the development status of the admixture industry, a summit forum on the development of the concrete admixture industry, and a concrete admixture technology contest. Wanrong County's provincial-level export concrete admixture product quality and safety demonstration zone has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with four companies to further strengthen cooperation in multiple fields such as technology, science and technology, and talents.

It is reported that, in order to focus on the construction of an influential new building material industry cluster area in the country, Wanrong County has been preparing to hold a concrete admixture industry development conference (China·Wanrong) from 2019. The theme of this conference is "Technological Innovation, High-Quality Development". The conference highlighted the three major functions of admixture new technology research and improvement, admixture industry chain extension and connection, and polishing of Wanrong admixture industry's service to major national construction.

Concrete admixtures are the largest industrial pillar industry in Wanrong County. At present, the total number of domestic admixture companies in Wanrong County has reached 56, with 146 patents. The products cover three series of polycarboxylic acid, naphthalene-based water reducing agent, and accelerator. There are more than 100 varieties in total, with an annual output value exceeding 4 billion yuan.