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The company completes Series B financing

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The company is committed to the research and development of concrete admixtures and is not only a "national high-tech enterprise", but also a "provincial outstanding enterprise". At the same time, the company has been selected as one of the “Top Ten Chinese Polycarboxylate Water Reducing Agent Enterprises” for five consecutive years, and won the excellent title of “Top Ten Chinese Admixture Enterprises in 2019”. It is the continuous leading brand of China's high-speed rail admixtures.  

By designing a high-level polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent automatic production line in the industry, the company has completed the automatic control of batching, metering, dripping, and discharging and real-time monitoring of the reaction temperature in the whole process, which greatly reduces the error of human operation and guarantees Improve product quality. In the production process of the product, a low-temperature synthesis process is adopted, and the boiler is replaced by an electric heating control device, and the whole process of mixing the materials and the reaction is strictly carried out in a closed pipeline. For the raw materials and finished products, the team used tank trucks to transport them, and specially set up waste water recovery devices to achieve zero discharge. The company's clean production technology has been appraised at the provincial and ministerial level and has reached the international advanced level.  

The company pays special attention to the investment in research and development, and has specially established a team with strong research and development strength and rich field technical service experience. In recent years, the service projects include: Wuhu Yangtze River Highway Bridge, Hutong Yangtze River Bridge, Fuxia Railway, Hutong Railway, Wufengshan Yangtze River Bridge, Sri Lanka National Television Tower, Bangladesh Padma Bridge, etc. At the experimental sites of various engineering bureaus, Aolaite's concrete solutions made possible the impossible considered by their peers again and again, and became a benchmark enterprise used by engineering bureaus to measure competitors in the same industry.